Looking for places to go on American holidays?

It's pretty disingenuous to describe any American city as "off the beaten track", but generally tourists will head to a small number of places in the United States, while ignoring some amazing cities!

If you're booking American holidays, we've picked three cities we think any tourist will enjoy, that give you a flavour of the real America! New York is amazing, but everyone knows all about that. Here are our three favourites you may not have considered.

San Diego - This Southern Californian gem is often overlooked in favour of Los Angeles and San Francisco, but we can't recommend it enough. It arguably enjoys the best weather of ANY city in America. Rain is so rare that if they get an inch of it over the course of a winter, it's been a disaster!

Mexico is also on your doorstep when you visit San Diego, so don't miss out on this beautiful Spanish-influenced city.

Seattle - The Pacific Northwest is always overlooked by tourists from the UK, and it's a shame, because Seattle is a gem of a city! It may not have the climate of California, but this city is perhaps America's most bohemian, and it's a mecca for music and food lovers.

We highly recommend taking a trip atop the famous Space Needle. It affords stunning views of the surrounding area, including the downtown core.

Portland - Situated a mere four hours drive from Seattle, Portland is a beautiful "small city" with everything you could possibly need within walking distance of downtown. As a plus for tourists, Oregon is unique in having no sales tax, so it's the best place to go shopping in the United States! Some of the outlet malls have to be seen to be believed!



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