Time to book your American holidays!

Heading to the United States on holiday? This fantastic country is just waiting to be explored, and to help you along the way, we've put together our guide to enjoying the best American holidays!

The United States is a vast country, and as such has probably more holiday choice than anywhere else on earth. Where else could you find snow-capped mountains and sun-kissed beaches, all within an hours flight of each other?

If the United States is your destination, then keep the following tips in mind to help make your trip the most memorable one possible!

Food - Eating in America will prove a cheap experience for any traveller. Good meals in respectable restaurants will start at around $20 per person. However, tipping is expected, and it ranges from anywhere between 8% and 15% of the bill.

Cheap Flights - America, like Europe, enjoys an extensive range of cheap flight options. Notable cheap carriers are Southwest Airlines and JetBlue. These two airlines provide much the same service as the likes of Ryanair, but you may find the service to be slightly better.

Pack for the Weather - America is a land noted for temperature extremes. In summer, temperatures on the East Coast can get up to the 30 Celsius. While in winter it can often get as low as -10 Celsius. Make sure and pack accordingly for when you're travelling.

Go off the beaten track - To get a real sense of the true America, it's recommended to rent a car and go driving! This is a side of America not many visitors get to see, and it's one we highly recommend! This tips are sure to improve your America holiday.

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