American holidays in 2012!

American holidays in 2012 are always going to be that bit cheap. Advanced booking will always save you a few quid, the only problem is that not many website will take bookings so far into the future.

We have been searching the internet and have come up with one great website. The best that we have found has to be the 'Total Florida' website. Yes we know you are restricted to Florida but websites that allow you to book so far into the future are few and far between.

So if you are willing to see if Florida is the place for you then this is the perfect website. They have some amazing prices that simply will not be rivalled by other websites.

All you have to do is go to the 'Early Booker' section to take full advantage of what they have on offer. There are some forms to be filled in but they only take a matter of minutes. Once you have done this the holiday is as good as yours.

Since we are talking about Florida, Disneyland is always a possibility. There are some amazing deals on at the moment, well worth checking out. Take for example a 7 night stay in Disneyland, mid June, for 2. This would normaly cost somewhere in the thousands, today, you can pick up this trip for only £894! That's £894 for a whole week at the resort, you won't find better prices than that anywhere else!

American holidays and 2012 made possible by Total Florida, check them out!

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