Alternative green travel

With air travel seen as the world’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gases and globally,commercial jets generating more than 600 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, eco-friendly travellers are looking at other means of reaching their destination.

But it’s not the only reason for looking at other options, reports The Daily Telegraph. Apart from one-off havoc-wreaking problems like ash cloud dust and threats of strikes, holiday makers are getting wise to add-ons to their low cost flights.

Easy Jet charges £18 to check in one bag on a return flight, Ryanair £40. You can take two suitcases free when travelling by rail, there is no reservation fee and travelling to and from a city centre is not only more convenient but a money saver too.

If Eurostar has long since poached air-travellers journeying to northern France and Belgium, Rail Europe is also on the up. Their website has received 600 per cent more visits this summer. 'There has been a fundamental change in people's thinking,' a company spokeswoman said. 'Journey times are much quicker than perhaps they had realised.'

Trips to southern France, the Basque Coast, the Alps, Italy and Spain are now a feasible option and the switch to rail could be permanent. Cologne and Amsterdam are just five hours away from London, and you can reach the Spanish border, Milan, Nice and Biarritz in less than nine hours. And all without that frantic scramble to board.

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