all inclusive hols in Kenya, Africa

The republic of Kenya has a population of nearly 39 million representing many different peoples and cultures. It has a land area of 580,000 square kilometres containing numerous wildlife reserves with thousands of animal species. There is many things to do and see in Kenya that will suit everyone such as the Masai Mara which is known for its beautiful nomadic tribes people in their traditional bright red blankets and multi-coloured beaded jewellery. They welcome you into their traditional homes and show you what it is like to live in harmony with nature. People also visit Mara to see the amazing variety of animals roaming free in the wild including a whole host if incredible creatures including leopard, lion, rhino, buffalo, zebra and many more. If you visit between the month of July and October you will get to see one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the world when over a million wild beasts migrate to the Masai Mara.

There is so much to do and see in Kenya, from sight seeing to shopping to partying. The city and town centers usually have stall and markets where they sell absolutely everything. A lot of the holiday resort along the coast have live band with dancing and discos. There are a few local nightclubs in Nairobi and Mombasa and these stay open till dawn. Always take care as these places can get very crowded. Always go in a crowd and take a taxi.

Flights from the UK to Nairobi, Kenya can cost from £500 depending on what time of the year you go and what day of the week.



Staying at an all inclusive hols resort in Kenya will cover all your food and drinks in your resort costing from £618 staying at the Travelers Beach Hotel and Club located along the North Coast on Bamburi Beach and 45 minutes drive from Mambasa Island. This resorts facilities include 24-hour reception, pool area, bars, terrace, fitness and business centre. All the guest rooms have own bathroom and shower, telephone, mini bar, tv and safe. All inclusive include buffet style snacks and selected alcoholic drinks and beverages which is served till 11pm. The website is: www.travellersbeach.com

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