all inclusive deals for september 2011

Save some money on your summer holidays this year and try booking an all inclusive deals in September 2011, despite being cheaper your holiday will not get less value for your money. Crete is the destination for our first all inclusive hotel. The largest and most southerly of the Greek Islands, Crete has something for everybody, relax on the glorious beaches, party at the many clubs and pubs and restaurants or immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the place.

The Aquila Elounda Village is a remarkable resort with three swimming pools, a private beach and award-winning cuisine. Guests are treated to an American style buffet breakfast, a la carte pool restaurant with waiter service and weekly lobster dinners, fish festivals, barbeques and Greek nights. The hotel has every activity imaginable on offer and is most suitable for adults who are looking to get away for a stress free break. Thomson.co.uk have priced this exclusive resort at £1200 per week for an all inclusive stay.

Tenerife is another great option for you and is a place full of contrasts, from the dry and barren southern mountains to the fertile valleys of the north which are dominated by Mount Teide. Tenerife has a gorgeous climate and is ideal for year round trips.

A cheaper option than the last the Colon Guanahani resort is a sister to the hotel Jardines de Nivaria, with a saltwater swimming pool and opportunity for guests to enjoy massage and beauty treatments aswell as an a la carte menu, this is a place for relaxation and at just £439 per person from thomson.co.uk, it is the perfect all inclusive deals in September 2011.


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