Book All Inclusive Cruises with Alcohol Included for 2013

A cruise is the perfect way to sit back, unwind and relax. You can leave all your problems back on land and enjoy some much needed down time. There are some great deals to be found when booking cruises and it is possible to find all inclusive cruises complete with alcohol included in 2013 once you know where to look.

Party Time with Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines are a premier cruise company based int he States serving such exotic destinations as Alaska, the Bahamas, Russia, Mexico, Scandinavia, Europe, the Caribbean and even a Transatlantic route. You can find all inclusive cruises with alcohol included during 2013 on their website at www.carnival.com.

Carnival have an all you can drink package titled My Awesome Bar Program and it costs $42.95 per day. On top of this the usual cruise tips are expected and 15% is the minimum tip accepted. The My Awesome Bar Program entitles you to drink anything from the bar including beer, wine and spirits as well as all cocktails under $10. If you need to take a break, you can also avail of soft drinks and waters as part of the deal.

The Program qualifies you for a 25% discount on all bottles of wine and champagne and any other drink on offer that exceeds $10 per glass. There is only one other rule - you can only order one drink at a time. If you are someone that likes to have a good time while on cruise then this package works out at extremely good value as cruise drinks are quite expensive when purchased individually.

Routes with My Awesome Bar Program

Carnival are currently operating My Awesome Bar Program on their Carnival Victory in the Caribbean, Carnival Splendor in South America and Mexico and the Carnival Breeze cruise ships in the Mediterranean and the Bahamas. These three ships provide all inclusive cruises with alcohol included in 2013 so get onto Carnival's website and check out upcoming cruises.

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