All Aboard! – Train Station Bars Worth Stopping For

When it comes to world-renowned drinking holes associated with travel, it’s tempting to think first of airport and hotel bars. However, for some serious glamour with a touch of old-school charm you really can’t beat a bar at a train station. So, hear the whistle blow, climb aboard and join us as we investigate the best London, New York and er... Huddersfield have to offer.

The Campbell Apartment, Grand Central Station, New York

Lovingly restored and brought back to life in 1999, The Campbell Apartment is now a New York institution all over again. To avoid closing for even one night, on March 4, 2007, another update to the renovation took place in less than 12 hours and cost $350,000. It’s now a favourite haunt of those sickeningly privileged nippers in Gossip Girl.

The St. Pancras Grand Champagne Bar, St. Pancras International, London

Bringing some intercontinental charm to the Eurostar’s new terminal, The St. Pancras Grand boasts Europe’s longest bar and the UK’s largest selection of Grand Marque houses, with up to 20 available. Settle into a leather booth, get tipsy and miss your train in style.

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield Station, Yorkshire

A lovingly kept and family run pub in Huddersfield’s beautiful rail station, The Head of Steam is a destination whether you’re planning a train journey or not. Festooned in rail memorabilia and a vital venue for great local jazz, this is a friendly and cozy gem not to be missed.

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