A-lister's secret Brighton bolthole

Whilst this hotel can only accommodate twenty of Britain's or Hollywood's A-listers, it certainly makes up for in quality what it may lack in quantity.

Having gutted a number of Georgian town-houses along the sea front to make way for cosy yet uncluttered quarters, Drake's Hotel provides its pampered guests with innovative hidden storage, designer wet rooms and for eleven lucky guests, unrivalled views out across the sea. Kylie is reportedly said to use room 301, which contains a bathtub located in front of tall, classic bay windows and one room houses Brighton's largest hotel bed at 7ft square, covered in Egyptian cotton.

Located on Marine Drive, Drake's is perfectly located near the achingly trendy hot-spots of the bubbling and kinetic port of call that is Brighton. The hotel is flanked by traditional eateries such as fish and chip shops and designer boutiques as well as the Royal Pavilion, which has been on the receiving end of many royal patrons, keen to entertain lords and ladies alike.

The main pull of such a rare gem of a hotel is it's food, namely the sensational dishes served up by resident chef Andrew Mackenzie. Brit celebs living locally, such as Zoe Ball, DJ Fatboy Slim and Patsy Palmer find the allure of local sea-food and filling gourmet grub more than hard to resist.www.drakesofbrighton.com

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