Alice in Wonderland, Cornwall

Johnny Depp has made the Mad Hatter all his own, with Helena Bonham Carter looking lovely and evil as ever as the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s new version of Alice in Wonderland.

And of course there’s got to be spin-off from this, and more than just college students eating mushrooms and listening to Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit while figuring out the political implications of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece.

Several scenes from the movie were shot at the National Trust's Antony House in Torpoint, and the house is hosting its own Alice experience from now until 31 October, with art installations and sculptures spread throughout its gardens.

Slide down the rabbit hole (or rather ramp) into a magic garden filled with giant mushrooms; stroll past the caterpillar perched on a mushroom, smoking a hookah pipe; look out for Cheshire Cat, sitting in a yew tree and join in the Mad Hatter's tea party.

The attraction is being sold as a day out for the kids, but if you choose the right coloured pill – take both if you can’t decide – this could be a mind-bending holiday in Wonderland for you with Alice, the Hatter, White-Rabbit and Dormouse leading you a merry dance through the gardens.

Admission: house and garden £7.50 adults, £4.80 children; garden only £4.90 adults, £2.50 children. Check out the National trust website for more details.

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