Alicante flights for a joke.......

It’s 24 degrees, it’s cheap, there’s a beach and an ocean of booze – with or without an umbrella or served in a fish bowl -so now that you want to go there and escape the miserable rain pouring down your cubicle window, how do you get there?

Well for £30 return you can fly London to Alicante with airborn.co.uk For the frosty Scots, it’s a bit more pricey - 80 quid return Glasgow to Alicante. And we're not sure what the Welsh did but they’re getting charged up to £90 return, Cardiff to Alicante.

If you fancy yourself as a wine aficionado – or a bit of a bore depending on who you’re talking to, have a go at some of Alicante’s Wines; Monastrell, Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Tintorera, Bobal, Tempranillo, or the Whites; Merseguera, Moscatel de Alexandria, Mocabeo, Planta Fina.

Worth a sup, and will give you snob kudos among the tattooed fraternity on the Costa.

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