Alicante Flights Are the Perfect Escape

Furthermore, there are lots of fun things to do there that make a holiday to this beautiful port a wonderful experience.

Flights to Alicante are quite affordable this time of year because it’s not quite tourist season. This makes it a great time to book a flight to see some of the area’s great attractions. Want to learn more? Here are some nice places that make Alicante a fantastic alternative to a drab English winter.

Cabo de las Huertas: Located in rugged and rural part of Alicante’s coastline, Cabo de las Huertas is a secluded beach area that is perfect for sunbathing. It is also a very quiet place that allows visitors to relax and enjoy some privacy. Therefore, if you are willing to take the time to find this place, a flight to Alicante might just be the ticket for some much needed privacy.

Alcoyana Mountain Located about 45-50 km away from Alicante City, Alcoyna Mountain is a very pedestrian-friendly area that just craves attention. This beautiful little town is full of museums that are dedicated to the medieval history of the area. It is also well-known for its bridges and Moorish influence.

There isn’t enough space to describe all that Alicante has to offer. Therefore, visit your local travel agency to learn more about this great area. Perhaps a flight to Alicante is just the thing you need to escape another drab English winter?

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