AlgiersCheap flights – A Blend of Past and Present

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Whitewashed Byzantine architecture, modern skyscrapers, sprawling Mediterranean beaches, bar laden waterfronts, golden deserts, majestic mountains and wild coastal plains are why Algiers, the capitol city of Algeria, is such a popular destination. And Algierscheap flights are available for less than a week’s wages. Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria and offers the weary traveller a unique blend of past and present, with the colour and charm of Arabic and French culture. Stroll past 17th-century mosques and Ottoman-style palaces in the narrow streets of Kasbah, dine on spicy tagine stews in humming restaurants on the Rue Didouche Mourade, ride the cable to the Notre Dame d'Afrique Byzantine basilica and be inspired by the intricate Moorish designs of the Great Mosque.  Return Algiers cheapflights from London (Stanstead,Heathrow, Luton and Gatwick) to Algiers take about 3 hours non-stop and will set you back about £400 + tax with: Air Algerie, Air France, Iberia, Qatar Airways, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and Alitalia. The best sites to find tickets on the cheap are: Skyscanner.com, Kayak.com, Webjet.co.uk, Cheapflights.co.uk, Edreams.com and Dealchecker.co.uk. The best time to visit Algeria is from June to July when the sunny weather is moderate and ideal for the outdoors. August is the peak tourist season, however, by the end of the month the weather becomes unpredictable. Algiers is a hot-pot of cultures and is known as one of those places that will take you away from the cares of the world, occupy your spirit with adventure and allow you to experience a Universe of travel probabilities.

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