Captivating Algarve resorts

Algarve, is an Arabic word meaning 'the West', an apt name when you consider it is the most westerly place in Continental Europe. It is also the sunniest area in Europe with enchanting beaches. There are many Algarve resorts worth considering.

Faro is the main city of the area, more popular if you like a tourist buzz and mingling with lots of people from back home! The region is well-known for its golf courses and has one of the best climates in Europe.

A recommended Algarve resort for families is the Best Western Hotel Dom Bernardo. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews over several years. It boasts free breakfast and parking and is an intimate hotel with only 50 rooms. It is centrally located in Faro and is perfect for those who are budget conscious yet are seeking somewhere comfortable to stay.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Monte do Casal hotel, listed on the Small Luxury Hotels of the World website. It is an 18th century country house set in pretty botanical gardens. Haute cuisine, spa treatments, crystal clear swimming pools and even a bird sanctuary are part of its charm. All of this luxury is going to cost you a pretty penny, so be prepared to dig in deep. These hotels are just two of many and they  represent the mid-range and top-end of Algarve resorts. Our recommendation is that you look search online. The most useful website for finding Algarve resorts is, without doubt, tripadvisor.com.

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