Algarve Apartments: Tropical Paradise of The West

The Algarve meaning 'the west' in Arabic is the most popular tourist destination in the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, and one of the most popular in Europe. The towns promise a plethora of delights and sensations, while the coastal regions are bone coloured with almond blossoms shading the many species of wild orchids.

The area is pregnant with fish, seafood and fruits as well as a beach culture that promises to entice the most reluctant tourist. Thanks to a high influx of foreign visitors its population trebles in the peak holiday season with almost 10 million gracing its shores. With so many bodies after the promise of relaxation, culture and wonderful cuisine, a large apartment market has sprung up to cater to the whims of visitors on a budget, those looking for a taste of luxury, or the intrepid family.

Discovering the perfect accommodation in Algarve can seem like a prickly issue. But the great news is - that's simply because the region offers such a wonderful selection and value for the visitor. By far the best options are Algarve apartments. Nowhere is far from the coast and most apartments come with a dizzying array of extras with plenty of class and diversity.

Choose from basic Algarve apartments (individual entities or within a block) 'second class' resort apartments, club Apartments (self-catering apartments in a club setting) or aparthotels (self-catering hotel accommodation). Imagine walking through your brilliant white holiday apartment, overlooking the ocean, and walking outside to lie beside your aquamarine pool. Find Algarve apartments online today.

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