Consider Airtours Villas for Your Holiday

Airtours villas

Airtours offers some amazing deals on holidays, whether you’re travelling with friends or family. Airtours villas are definitely something to consider for your trip. They offer more than a hotel room, by offering self-catering and a home-styled living space, and they are cheaper than looking into hotel suites.

Airtours merged with Thomas Cook at the start of the recession, so you will find most of the Airtours villas deals on their website. There are many different destinations to visit on your holidays, including Turkey, Greece and Italy.

Corfu is the place for sun, sea and sand. It is the perfect destination for friends who want a summer to remember. This is why the Villa Alexandros in Nissaki is a place to consider. This villa is on three levels and perfect for a large group of friends – it sleeps up to 10 people.

It is just 1 kilometre from a gorgeous sandy beach but car hire is best if you want to get to restaurants and go out to see the sites. The prices for this holiday start from as little as £339 per person, depending on when you travel.

Greece is one of the best destinations for holidays all-year round and there are some amazing sights and things to do. Greece is not just for friends but for families too and up to six people can stay in the Gallini Villa 2 in Kefalonia.

However, you will need to invest in hiring a car from this villa to make the most of everything that there is to do. The prices start from as low as £395 per person.

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