Fees and Procedures for Airtours Cancellations

Airtours cancellations policy requires all travellers call 0871 895 0047 or contact Airtours.co.uk via email. Cancellation charges may be required depending on the situation. It's important to note that if the cost of your holiday package increases by more than two percent, you must pay the extra travel costs. If the package price deceases, you receive a refund.

Changes vs. Cancellations

Airtours works with travellers to handle changes when needed. All changes are subject to availability and may require you to pay the difference between your original holiday and the new package. You cannot change your current plans for a last-minute special.

Depending on the airline and hotel, there may be change fees added to your total fare, these fees are in addition to amendment fees charged by Airtours. As of 2011, Airtour amendment fees range from ₤35 to ₤50 providing you change you travel plans at least 70 days in advance. If you change your travel plans within 70 days of your departure date, you may be charged cancellation fees.

If you must cancel your Airtours booking, fees range from loss of your deposit to the full cost of the trip. Cancelling more than 70 days in advance costs you your deposit, but cancelling a week before your departure date costs you the entire price of the holiday package. Some airlines will not refund your money regardless of how far in advance you cancel. If one person in your part must cancel, it's better to find a replacement and pay the ₤35 name change fee stated in their policy at airtours.co.uk/booking-conditions.

In situations where Airtours must change your booking, they will tell you as far in advance as possible of the new arrangements and schedule a similar package. If the new arrangements cost less, you receive a refund of the difference in travel costs. Should you dislike the new holiday package, Airtours will refund your money and give you a small compensation fee of ₤5 to ₤25 per person. If you accept the new arrangement, you earn ₤10 to ₤40 per person in compensation. This offer is void when circumstances are out of Airtours control, such as terrorism, war and weather.

Firm Up Your Travel Plans Before You Book Your Holiday

Avoid disappointment by firming up travel plans before booking with Airtours.co.uk. The cost of cancelling or amending your plans is quite high, so make sure you are happy with your flights and hotels before you send your deposit. Taking the time to make sure you are satisfied helps you avoid Airtours cancellations policies and fees.

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