Airport security rules on liquids

Airport security is a stressful experience at the best of times and we have all been in the position where security staff have scolded us for not doing something we were supposed to do. Usually, these tellings-off have their root in a passenger taking liquids with them and not complying with airport security rules on liquids. So time for a little revision, what exactly are these mysterious rules that we need to follow?

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All passengers are permitted to take liquids on a flight with them provided that the liquid does not exceed 100ml in each container. Bottles and containers that are only half full will not count as security staff have to go by the quantity written on the container.

So what counts as a liquid? You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that the permitted liquid list contains:

  • • Shampoo
  • • Perfume
  • • Cologne
  • • Deodorant
  • • Shaving foam
  • • Toothpaste
  • • Lip gloss
  • • Sunscreen
  • • Mosquito repellant

You can carry as many individual 100ml items that you can fit into a single transparent re-sealable bag. This bag is about the size of a small freezer bag so you can practice packing your liquid items in a small zip-lock bag at home before hitting the airport on your next trip. One more (obvious) requirement is that this bag is able to comfortably fit inside your carry-on luggage.

Your job when you get to security is to remove the transparent, re-sealable bag from your carry-on luggage and present it separately to security staff. If 100ml is too restrictive and you need larger quantities of shampoo and conditioner, remember that you can pack any quantity your heart desires in your checked in luggage.

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