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There are so many new European budget airlines out these days that is can be a difficult choice knowing where to start to get yourself a flight. Airlingus offers flights to over eighty European and American destinations from Ireland and the UK. Since 1936, they have been providing airline passengers quality service with a warm Irish welcome! This Irish company are going from strength to strength and a quality onboard service is guaranteed.

Aer Lingus offer cheap short-haul flights to a number of European destinations including Spain, Canary Islands, Germany, France and Italy. Flights can regularly be found for less than €30 one way including taxes and airport charges.

They also offer flights to the USA. You can fly to either Boston, Chicago, New York, Orlando or Washington from Dublin and Shannon. With their long haul flights you can even upgrade to business class for an extra cost.

Booking a flight with Aer Lingus couldn't be any easier. You need to provide some simple details such as departure airport, destination airport and your dates. You can use the date flexibility option if your travel dates are flexible. This ensures that you find their cheapest prices.

When you book Airlingus flights, you will be charged extra to bring a suitcase with you. You will also be charged extra for prebooking your seats. This ensures that fares are kept to a minimum.

So if you require flights to anywhere in Europe or the USA, simply log onto their website at aerlingus.com to find the best prices available!

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