Looking for an airline ticket from Newcastle Upon Tyne to Orlando?

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For British people who go on holidays Orlando is one of their most popular destinations and with everything they have to offer it's not hard to see why. We have done up a guide for you which will help you get a cheap airline ticket from Newcastle Upon Tyne to Orlando that we hope you will find useful.

Orlando is the home of Disney World so if you are thinking of bringing the kids it is a perfect place and there is no doubt they will enjoy it. Orlando is not only for kids there is also a wide variety of things for adults to do. You can go surfing or jet skiing on the beautiful Daytona Beach and there is also Cape Canaveral where you can find some great things to do and it is central to all the major attractions.

Ebookers.com have airline tickets available from Newcastle Upon Tyne to Orlando, and for very good prices. You can get an airline ticket with them for £829 if you are going in August and that is with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. This flight will stop twice once in Amsterdam and the second time in Detroit which will give you a flight time of 11 hours approximately.

Air France also operate flights from Newcastle to Orlando and a ticket in September could be yours for $882 which is the equivalent to £548. This flight also has two stops one in Paris and the other one in Atlanta Georgia. You can view this flight on www.kayak.com.

We have used two months above in our examples just to give you an idea of prices and flight durations. There is a whole host of other available dates so waste no more time book your dream ticket today.

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