Get An Airline Ticket from Manchester to Manila

There are 14 airlines between Manchester and Manila, Philippines. Weekly, there are 26 flights that connect Manchester airport to Manila. Traveling from Manchester to Manila is 6,843 miles without any stopovers. The top connection point for some airlines between Manila and Manchester is Amsterdam.


Travelers looking for great flight tickets can go to Cheapflights. This online service is a publisher of flight deals. The site aggregates flight information from various airlines and allows you to compare prices. When comparing flights from Manchester to Manila, the site compares Expedia, Emirates, Ebokers.com and Qatar.

Flight Prices

Royal Dutch airlines offer flights from Manchester to Manila. Pricing for flights depend on day of the week as well as season. Pricing for an airline ticket from Manchester to Manila costs £467 with Royal Dutch.

China Southern offers flights to Manila from London. China Southern has 14 branches all throughout China. London is one of the 53 metropolitan markets that China Southern serves. Flights to Manila cost £655 roundtrip on China Southern.

Etihad Airways serves the United Kingdom market. Etihad launched in 2003. This is an airline that is based in Abu Dhabi. According to another flight comparison site, Kayak, flights from Manchester to Manila cost £694. Flights on Etihad have a luxury experience, not only in their first class, but also in economy class. Seats have a comfortable, ergonomic feel and passengers get an on-demand entertainment system.

The most expensive airline ticket from Manchester to Manila is £894 when using Qatar Airways.

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