Buy airline ticket from Manchester to Goa

When considering a summer holiday, most people think about the medditeranean and countries that are close to the UK. Few consider trhe benefits of booking a holiday in the Indian resort of Goa. Although an airline ticket from Manchester to Goa will cost quite a bit more than the average flight to the Costa Brava or the Greek Islands, the overall cost of a holiday in Goa can work out to around the same price, if not cheaper.

Generally, acomodation and entertainment is a lot cheaper in Goa than in Europe. Also, as British summer time is classed as low season in most parts of Asia, acomodation owners are willing to let out theri lodgings at a fraction of the cost of what any where esle will cost suring summertime.

Skyscanner.net has a fantastic search facility for checking the cost of an airline ticket from Manchester to Goa at any time of year. Search options at skyscanner allows users to check the cost of a flight for a whole month, meaning that of you are flexible on the dates that you are able to fly, you could make huge savings on the cost of your airline ticket.

Right now, the average cost of a flight from Manchester to Goa during August is around £600 return with either Qatar or Emirates. During September flights are available for as little as £442 and in December flights between manchester and goa are listed for around £400. Indirect flights with Jet Airways can reduce the cost and usually involve two stops, one in Europe and another in a main Indian city.

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