Book airline ticket from london to bodrum

Turkey has always been a popular destination for summer holidays when coming from the UK. Perfect beaches, delicious food, cheap beer and friendly locals make Turkey a top notch destination for summer tourists. Coastal resorts in Turkey are especially popular with families who want a summer holiday that is affordable and incorporates all the main components of a fantastic summer break; sun, sand and see.

When looking for an airline ticket form London to Bodrum, it pays to knOw which websites have the best deals. Skyscanner.com uses an clever system to search through an extensive network of flights to find you the most affordable summer flight deals.

Skyscanner currently has return flights between London and Bodrum for prices as low as £200 throughout August with Monarch airlines. In September, prices drop to as low as £180 return, leaving on the 2nd and returning on the 17th through London Gatwick Airport with flythomascook.com.

lastminute.com is a great place to find fantastic deals on flights that are to leave in the next few days. A great option if you can leave for your summer holiday at the drop of a hat or if you are on a budget. Lastminute.com currently have deals that include flights to bodrum plus all inclusive accomodation for as little as £450 per adult, leaving on August 10th and returning on August 14th 2011. Sites like lastminute.com can often find deals including accommodation that are cheaper than the cost of an airline tocket on its own.


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