How to book your airline ticket for flights between London and Algiers

Recovering from decades of civil unrest and political upheavel, Algeria now boasts two scheduled flights from London to the capital Algiers. While Foreign Office advice recommends against all but essential travel to many parts of the country, Algiers itself can be considered relatively safe, although travellers should remain vigilant and avoid travelling beyond the city centre. If you are interested in purchasing an Airline ticket between London and Algiers, read on for your current options.

Air Algerie is the nation's national carrier, and offers five flights a week between London Heathrow and Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport. Return flights on board a Boeing 737 cost from around £260 including taxes, and you can travel every day of the week apart from Wednesdays and Thursdays. Air Algerie can also provides connections to other cities in Algeria. Flights are available to book through Air Algerie's own website.

British Airways have been running a scheduled flight between the above two airports for a number of years now, and flights start from £262 for a return flight including taxes. These flights leave from the plush new Terminal 5 building, so flyers can take advantage of the new terminal's many amenities and restaurants before departing for Algiers. BA's website offer the cheapest web deals around, while websites such as cheapflights and skyscanner also offer competitive rates.

Remember to keep and eye on the options for your airline ticket for London Algiers flights, as the political situation in Algeria means schedules are occasionally subject to disruption. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something to do once in Algeria, Fulani Travel offer a range of guided Sahara tours in the south of the country, a great option for lovers of the wilderness, though before travelling take time to consider the above Foreign Office travel advice. Travellers must also obtain an Algerian visa from the Embassy in London before they embark on their flight to the country.

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