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About Bodrum

Bodrum is in the south-west of Turkey on the Aegean sea. It has beautiful beaches, rustic accomodation and a real Turkish feel to it with a great Mediterranean climate! If you are looking for the best deals on an airline ticket from Glasgow to Bodrum, read on!

Airline ticket from Glasgow to Bodrum

There is one flight per week from Glasgow to Bodrum. The flight time is a little lengthy at 4 hours and 20 minutes. The best website to find flights is cheapflights.co.uk. In the 'Peak Summer' months from July 17 to August 31st you can get a return ticket for £248 return including taxes. For the 'Late Summer' period which is the month of September you will find flights to Antalya which is an 8 hour drive but the return flight costs £144 return. Flights to Bodrum in this period are more or less the same as the Peak Summer months.

flythomascook.com also serve this route. Flights in September are as low as £77 and at the end of August the cheapest flight will set you back £167.

barrheadtravel.co.uk offer packages with flights included and these prove to be cheaper than the flights by themselves as we have quoted above. Have a look at their website and you should find a great deal on 7 or 14 nights packages to Bodrum. Enjoy Bodrum's rich history today, book a flight with the any of the above companies today. Remember book early, pay less! That's our mantra!

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