Affordable Travel with Air Philippines Promo Flights

To lead in the airfare market, airline companies offer promotions which give discounted fares to domestic and international travelers on specific dates. Air Philippines is able to handle stiff competition with other airlines marvelously with promos of their own. These promos are eagerly awaited and followed closely by many enthusiastic travelers.

Some of Air Philippines promo flights include:

1 Peso Air Fare Promo - This promo charges only 1 Philippine Peso, equivalent to about €0.01 for domestic flights in the Philippines. These are applicable to any domestic route within certain dates. Taxes and airport fees are not included in the prices.

100 Peso Air Fare Promo - Similar to the 1 Peso airfare promo and equivalent to about €1.59. Taxes and airport fees are also not included in the price so always bring extra money.

Summer Lite - This promo gives you complete vacation packages that include tours and accommodations in various parts of the Philippines.

Air Philippines also offers other services to benefit their customers. These include Seat Selector, a special service that gives you the privilege of selecting your seat for a minimum cost of 100 Philippines Pesos (€1.59) for a standard seat and 200 Philippines Pesos (€3.18) for a premium seat. Another service is the Web Check-in which allows you to easily check-in at any airport where your flight is located thus steering clear of long queues. The airline also offers Travel Insurance given at affordable rates to guarantee security and peace of mind for the traveler.

Despite high cost of operation, Air Philippines still gives 15 kgs as free allowance for check-in baggage and 7 kgs, for hand-carry.

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