A Review of Air Jamaica UK

As Air Jamaica UK is a budget airline it is not surprising that previous customers have commented on poor customer service and sub-standard airplanes. However many customers have put up with these inconveniences as the airline offers very low rates.

Air Jamaica flys to and from the Carribean Islands, The United States of America and Canada. A flight from New York to the Bahamas costs approximately $340 US dollars as at the 18th of July 2011. However customers who take advantage of these airfares will have to make some serious compromises on airline services, quality and customer service.

Firstly it is important for Air Jamaica UK customers to understand that they will have to go without a few basic airline services in exchange for low air fares. This includes giving up touch screen entertainment units as well as meals served during the flight. Those who are on a long haul flight will find that there is a shared movie screen and snacks offered on the flight.

Flyers have complained that while the staff of this airline were friendly, they did not go out of their way to provide excellent customer service. Also mistakes had been made with check in procedures. For example a family who checked in together were all given seats in different aisles to one another.

Lastly this airline has a reputation of being behind schedule or cancelling flights altogether. This can lead to added costs such as paying for an extra night or two at a hotel.

Those considering flying with this airline should think carefully if the reduction in airfare is worth poor and unreliable service. Consumers who want to read over 80 reviews from previous customers of Air Jamaica UK can do so at the website airlinequality.com. This will give consumers a better understanding of what issues people encountered when flying Air Jamaica.

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