Air India flights - The facts

Air India flights can be taken to 63 destinations in India including cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. Outside of India, they can take you to Shanghai and Hong Kong in the Far East, Munich and Amsterdam in Europe, and Chicago, New York and LA in America. No matter where you're heading to what sort of service can you expect?

On board Air India

Air India has won awards for catering and hospitality, so you can be assured of a good experience during your flight.

In-flight entertainment

The latest Hollywood and Hindi movies are available along with a selection of classic films. Multiple channels of popular music can also while away the time and if you have any spare money, a selection of gifts, fragrances and jewellery are sold during the flight.

The fleet

Air India operates a fleet of Airbus A320 for short to medium range flights. Boeing 747s that can carry 423 passengers and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are used for long distance trips. The 787 is the newest addition to the fleet. It's a long range, mid-sized airliner that's used for both Indian internal flights and international air travel. The aircraft is more fuel efficient than previous Boeing, so the cost of acquiring them is not being passed onto the passengers.

Frequent flyer program

You can accrue air miles on Air India flights. Flying returns, the airliner's frequent flyer program, is aimed at all flyers, so whether you fly for work or for leisure, you can accrue air miles. The tickets can be purchased in any currency and can even be pooled with your spouse’s, as long as you are both members of the frequent flyer programme.

The verdict

Air India flights have been criticised in the past for below standard service and overly stringent security process, but that's not to say your experience will be the same. With an updated fleet, a good safety record and good prices, Air India could be an option for your next holiday.

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