The best deals on Air France flights from Ireland

Founded in 1933, Air France is France's leading airline and one of the most respected air carriers in the world. The airline currently operates out of 25 local destinations in addition to over 150 locations spread across 91 countries. Air France services from Ireland are some of the most competitive on offer today.

One of the most popular routes between France and Ireland is the regular service between Dublin and Paris. Running from early morning until late evening, there are 6 flights daily to the French capital. With only a 2-hour flight time you can leave at 9.10am and be in Paris for midday. Moreover, if you are planning a weekend break then the 5.30 and 7.35pm flights mean you can be in France in time for dinner without taking a day off work.

Also operated by Air France from Ireland are a number of flights with connections in Paris. Popular destinations include Biarritz, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Flight times to these destinations can range from 4 to 6-hours, yet with an inflight meal service and entertainment the hours soon fly by. For information on flight times, visit www.airfrance.com.

If you are the kind of traveller that likes to weigh up all the options and compare airline prices then visit www.opodo.co.uk. A quick search for flights from Dublin to any French city will bring up the day's best available offers. You can then compare each airline for price, flight time, connections, baggage allowance and more.

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