AI holiday deals this year

Take away all the stresses that go with a holiday and let somebody else do by booking an all inclusive holiday this year. Have everything you need for a holiday at your beck and call and no need for you to be searching each night for a nice place to have dinner as these AI holiday deals have cuisine of a very high standard. Have a look below and see some of our best ai holiday deals on the market this year.

Up first we have the beautiful Sharm El Sheik in Egypt as our destination and the Sunrise Island Hotel as our resort of choice. This hotel is located in the Sharks Bay area of Sharm El Sheik and offers brilliant views of Tiran Island. The resort has it's own private beach for you to use and is just 50 metres from the entertainment complex which includes restaurants, bars, shops, an ice−rink, bowling alley and the only ice bar in Sharm. The shops, bars and restaurants of the local area are reachable from a shuttle bus provided. The hotel also has three restaurants and four swimming pools. At just £625 per person it is a steal from thomascook.com.

The three-star Don Pedro Hotel in Majorca is our next choice. This resort has panoramic views and a stunning beachside location and is only 50 metres from the shops, bars and restaurants of the town. The restaurant at the hotel offers national and international dishes as well as an a la carte menu aswell as daytime and evening entertainment. It is brilliantly priced at £489 per person from thomascook.com.

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