Agoda flights; maybe another option may need to be considered.

Agoda flights have become a hugely popular search across the UK Google website. Agoda have been providing cheap hotels to people in the UK for years so like most hotel websites a lot of people expect them to provide flights too. Unfortunately this simply isn't the case.

The website popped up a few years back and they offer some spectacular deals on on their hotels but no flights fares. The good news is, with Agoda providing the cheapest hotels all we have to do is find you a cheap air fares website and you can book your whole trip between both websites.

With Agoda just fill in your destination and the amount of people you will be staying with. The website will put together a list of all the available hotels in the area. All you have to do is pick the best suited to your budget, they even have reviews to help you decide. We found a great 4 star hotel in Costa Rica on the 15th of July for only £80pp per night. Now, all we have to do is fly you there cheap!

If in doubt the 'Cheap Flights' website is always the answer. They fly just about anywhere and their prices are hard to beat. You can fly two people from Manchester airport on the 15th of July for under £400 direct to San Jose, Costa Rica.

There you have it, the whole trip for 2 for under £600 depending on how long you decide to stay. While Agoda flights don't exist they do have some great hotel deals, couple this with the Cheap Flights website and you are golden. Check them out and see for yourself, there are savings to be made!

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