Bringing Africa Alive Closer to You

Africa Alive

Africa Alive is a zoo and park with a difference. Located in Lowestoft, Suffolk, its theme is basically African animals and wildlife that can be found in this mystical and exciting continent.

To get your tickets, go to Africa Alive (africa-alive.co.uk) and book online. Admission tickets are priced according to a high or low season. Peak visiting days are from 23/07/2011 to 11/09/201 where the tickets cost higher. At this time, an adult ticket costs £13.95 and children from 3 to 15 years pay £10.95. The small ones or those below 3 years of age get free admission. There is also an Education Session that costs £20.

Tired of purchasing individual tickets? Get a season pass that entitles you and the family to unlimited admissions to the park. Adults pay £50, children £40, senior citizens £45 and special needs adult £35. You can even avail of further discounts applied to your tickets when you purchase 4 season tickets and as such, an adult pass costs £40 and for children and special needs adults, £35 saving you 10% on rack prices.

From 12/09/2011 to 30/10/2011, admissions are reduced drastically with a ticket costing £7.95 for both adults and kids. The Education Session remains the same at £20.

Another site where you can get information on Africa Alive as well as other parks and entertainment centres is Day Out With The Kids (dayoutwiththekids.co.uk). Admission prices for 2010 were £15.50 for adults and £10.95 for the children during the peak season. The site does a have link that brings you to the Africa Alive homepage for updated information.

Why not bring Africa Alive nearer to you? You don't have to travel far and can enjoy the wonderful creatures that the park has from cheetahs, aardvarks, chimpanzees, lions, antelopes to ostriches and zebras. Relive the African wildlife experience by meeting the aardvarks or the lions. Be a Junior Keeper for half a day, sponsor an animal or simply explore the Discovery Centre. With plenty to do, there is never a dull and boring moment for everyone.

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