Affordable London

Planning a trip to London? The city has the sweetest deals for tourists eager to discover a lot but are traveling on a budget.

London is the ninth largest city in the world. With a rich history and countless museums, galleries, historic buildings, castles and theatres, you’d have to carefully select through these to make sure you're within budget. But what’s the point in visiting London if you aren’t able to see everything?

The London Pass is every London tourist’s best friend. It’s a pass that can get you into many of London’s top attractions for free… after paying for the pass itself, of course. Buying a London Pass puts all your expenses on museum tours, galleries and theatres into one so all you have to worry about is finding a cheap meal and enjoying yourself. The places to visit with the London Pass are endless. From Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and the Queens Gallery to the Toy Museum, London Canal and Renoir Cinema, you can enjoy the best tours, movies and activities just by presenting your London Pass.

A great way to spend the day in London is to take a walk in open spaces like the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Pack your own lunch and have a picnic, or rollerblade through the grounds. If you’re looking for affordable places to eat, try the fast food soup chains. You can also get your moneys worth at Crazy Salads. Fill up your plate to go with salad or from the hot buffet for only GBP 3. Try to beat the clock at Belgos where you pay the price at the time you order (6 GBP at 6pm, 7 GBP at 7, etc etc) for their set meals. Belgos is famous for its ‘dirt cheap’ beer, mussels, fries and sausages.

For a thrill, get a free haircut at the London Vidal Sassoon School, where they look for volunteers once in awhile. Then have a laugh at the Comedy Café or The Lower Ground Bar on Wednesday nights when entrance is free.

Music lovers will have a ball attending free concerts all over London. Everyday the National Theatre showcases concerts that begin at 5:45 pm Mondays to Saturdays. Sway to live Jazz at Octave on Wednesday nights or check out some of the biggest rock bands at HMV on Oxford Street. Convent Garden is also a great place to enjoy the view as you listen to string quartets.

What’s a trip without shopping? Comb through the Camden Lock Market where you can find some of the cheapest clothes and crafts. London’s fashionable but affordable brands to look out for are Topshop, Zara, Primark, H&M and TKMaxx where you’re sure to find comfortable stylish clothing. If you’re big on labels, however, the Designer Sale UK is something to look out for in the months of March, May, September and October. Sadly, this month’s sale just ended. Boo!

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