Aer Lingus winter deals and additional flights.

When you think ‘budget airlines’ you probably think Easy Jet or Ryanair, who admittedly cover myriad European destinations. But don’t forget Aer Lingus, who have some great deals on flights to Spain, Italy, the US, and more.

Aer Lingus has just announced that it is to offer new routes from Cork this winter, with destinations including Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Rome. Starting on the 30th of October a new route to Las Palmas will offer one flight per week, and there’ll be three weekly flights between Cork and Barcelona. An extra flight between Cork and Rome means two flights every week to the eternal city.

Aer Lingus are also introducing new flights from Dublin and Belfast. Fly from Dublin to Milan and Stuttgart this winter and from Belfast to Alicante and Rome. Winter sun holidays are becoming increasingly popular as people rush to get away from the cold and rain, so sign up for your winter holiday now!

For our Spanish readers, Aer Lingus is offering a 20% discount on flights booked before the 1st of August for travel between the of 1st of November and the 24th of March, so get on line this weekend and bag a bargain. Fly to Dublin from Alicante, Madrid, Málaga and Barcelona or to Cork from Gran Canaria and Málaga. For example, a flight to Dublin from Alicante in November costs from just £16.99. Don’t miss this great opportunity to see Dublin’s fair city!

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