Aegean flights: what you should know

Aegean flights are a gateway to Greece, an ever-popular destination for UK tourists. Although the country is currently undergoing its share of economic uncertainty, Greece (and its 227 inhabited islands!) still offers fabulous locations, steeped in history. Here we outline what Aegean flights, with their choice of over 30 destinations, can offer.

Destinations for Aegean flights


Ever popular with British holidaymakers, Corfu is one Aegean flights destination that has so much more to offer than its world famous sun-kissed beaches. Corfu town is an idyllic location that has more than a touch of Venice about it (as well as other European influences). The northern part of the island is dominated by Mount Pantokrater, dotted with charming villages.


To truly immerse yourself in one of Europe’s oldest civilisations, a visit to Thessaloniki is recommended. There are many ancient sites and monuments, including the Palace of Galerius (dating from 300 A.D.), a Roman market, theatre and baths, as well as Vergina, site of the first capital of the Empire of Macedonia. The city is bursting with interesting places to explore, such as churches, crypts and many museums.


Another popular Aegean flights destination is Heraklion, on the island of Crete. You can visit the recently renovated Cretaquarium Thalassocosmos, containing many aquariums full of interesting marine species.

The Palace of Knossos is Crete’s most important and renowned historic ruin (and entry is free). The excellent guides will tell you all you need to know about the ancient Minoan civilisation, and the origin of the legend of the minotaur.

Aegean flights – special deals

If you're considering an autumn vacation, Aegean flights will fly you from London Heathrow to Athens, then take the short hop over to Corfu, for £114 (on the saver flight). The journey’s duration would be just over 12 hours.

Aegean Air are currently offering exceptionally cheap internal flights, allowing you to buzz around the country effortlessly (Athens to Thessaloniki flights start at 39 euros).

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