Advice on booking a Hotel at Stansted Airport

There are two large Stansted 4 star chain hotels; the Radisson Blu, (the only hotel walkable from the passenger terminal) and the Hilton Stansted. There are a few no frills mid range hotels at Stansted and a few independent establishments in the airport zone, as well as traditional Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

To make an informed hotel choice at Stansted Airport you should understand that Stansted Airport room rates are seasonal. Stansted is a major airport for the British flying away to the sun. Prices are higher in the summer than in the winter months. Many hotels also are cheaper at the weekend than during the week. There is only one hotel where you do not need to get a transfer vehicle. This is the Radisson Blu Stansted where you simply walk from the hotel into the passenger terminal.

For all the other Stansted hotels you will require a transfer to the passenger terminals. Nearly all hotels charge for this service and charges are variable from hotel to hotel, as are the frequencies. Flights into and out of Stansted operate around the clock. Many hotels do not offer a 24x7 shuttle to and from the hotels. When costing out your accommodation, do try and factor in all costs including transfers and food. Sometimes rates are offered as loss leaders at the more expensive hotels and you spend more on transfers and food and drink than the hotel room. You should also be aware that many of the hotels at Stansted are very isolated.

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