adult only city weekend breaks

There are plenty of places to go for adult only weekend breaks. Head to Paris for that romantic break away for you and your partner. The beautiful capital of France has so much to offer. Sites such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, River Seine, Notre Dame Cathedral and other incredible architecture, a rich history and amazing culture and art should keep you busy for the weekend. Also the French wines are beyond compare, as is the cuisine. Paris is known as the romantic city in the world. To fly there can cost from just €60 to go in the month of September. Check: www.ryanair.ie.

Staying in Paris centre can be quiet expensive. Staying 35 kilometres out from Paris centre at Hotel Premiere Classe Maurepas can cost from €41. it is located in the heart of Pariwest Commercial Zone where there is a variety of bars and restaurants near by. Visit: www.travelrepublic.ie/maurepas

Want a more lively adult only weekend breaks? Then Amsterdam is your place. Want a fun adventurous holiday with your partner or friends you will find something to do here. Take a canal cruise, go on a day trip to see Holland's landmark tulips and windmills, go to Dam Square to visit Madame Tussauds, the sex factory, Heineken factory and go shopping in the city centre or hire a bike and explore the city yourself. In the evening take a stroll though the lit up city and down the Red Light District where you will find all the best bars and club. Visitors will find the cheapest prices for Amsterdam accommodation and flights are from late October to early March costing from €90 check the website:  www.aerlingus.ie

Staying in Amsterdam can be very cheap. It can cost from only €60 staying in Quentin Arrive Hotel which is situated only minutes from Amsterdam Centre with only walking distance from central station and all the best restaurants and bars. This hotel is accessible to many local attractions who want to explore and live the Amsterdam lifestyle. Visit: www.quentinarrivehotel.com




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