The best adult only holidays

Dreaming of some peace and quiet away from the hoards of screaming kids you find on many resorts? Adult only holidays are ideal for a relaxing break whether you are travelling with friends or as a couple. Here we take a look at some of the best options for adult only holidays from the UK.

Book adult only holidays with travel agents

Travel agents are increasingly seeking ways to differentiate themselves from online travel retailers, and one way they have been doing this is by offering specialised travel plans to customers. Adult only holidays are one of the many options now available from your high street travel agent. Just drop in and let them know your preferences and they'll offer a range of options.

Adult only holidays with travel agents tend to involve chartered flights and a stay in a three to five star resort. The resort usually only caters to guests aged sixteen or over - but some do have family sections of the hotel - so ask for clarification from the travel agent before you book.

Organise your own adult only holiday

Booking your own adult only holiday is actually quite straightforward and can be performed online. A number of hotels are now advertising themselves as "adult retreats" or "adult only resorts" - so a quick online search for adult only hotels in your destination should throw up a number of options. You can also use an online booking service like Expedia or Last Minute to refine search results so that you only see adult only options.

Hotels that cater exclusively for adult only holidays tend to be either boutique options in cities or luxury resorts on the beach. It can be difficult to find a budget adult hotel. If you are looking for a cheap option, there's no harm in contacting a hotel to ask if you can be placed in a quiet room.

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