Ideas for adult holidays in the UK

Want to get away from it all and spend some quality time with the other half? Adult holidays in the UK are a great way to reconnect as a couple, and to relax and escape from the pressures of work.

There are many places around the UK ideal for a holiday like this, with lots of lovely countryside, miles and miles of coastline and many secluded spots right across the country.

Spa weekends are perfect for pampering yourselves and relieving stress. Going to a spa will help you both physically and mentally and they are a great place to get that much-needed time for yourself. Treatments available can help muscle tensions, relieve pain, improve blood circulation and help promote good sleep. There are many spas spread throughout the UK and many price ranges, so it’s easy to find one to suit you.

Another great idea for adult holidays in the UK is a ‘dirty weekend’. There is nothing taboo about it: many couples find that afterwards they feel closer to one other. A weekend break can bring back that spark, relieve stress and leave you more relaxed.

There are some important rules for going on a dirty weekend: leave work and money talk at home, and leave your phone and laptop behind. If your cottage or hotel room has a TV keep it off -the weekend is about reconnecting as a couple, not what is happening in Coronation Street!

Dirty weekends are not all about sex, but if your sex life has become routine then a weekend away can shake things up.

Be romantic and spontaneous, have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Spending time alone as a couple has many advantages, so consider staying somewhere secluded where there are no distractions. We recommend the luxurious Tyddyn Tyfod cottage in Wales. It features four large bedrooms and an absolutely stunning location close to Snowdonia. Prices range from £550 to £995 per week depending on season.

A cheaper recommendation is Brae Cottage in Cushendall, Northern Ireland. This is a 4-star rated property, yet prices start from just £320 per week (again, depending on season). This beautiful cottage is situated in the Glens of Antrim between Glendun and Glenariff. It welcomes pets and can sleep up to five people.

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