Adelaide to Darwin – right on track

It’s flat, hot, dusty and goes on for miles and miles and miles… Yes, you know you’re in Australia when the road signs say ‘Darwin 2565km, and that’s without a toilet break.

Unlike the young fools, (that’s a nice term for backpackers) who think that crossing the devil’s own land in a taped together campervan being hunted down by crazed, sun-fried yokels is the only way to go, you may be aware that the best way to traverse Oz is by train.

Why bother with all the hassle of getting your car busted by 10foot mutant kangaroos when you could sit back with a stubby (Aussie for beer by the way, get used to the language barriers) on the Adelaide to Darwin Ghan train? In keeping things simple, the Aussies let you know where you are by the names; South Australia, The Red Centre (that’s the hot bit) and then, 3000km later, The Top End – all of which you’ll cover in two days. You can do the Uluru stopover (don’t be uncultured and call it Ayers Rock) and watch the spectacular Australian sunset along the way – which is more hallucinogenic aurora borealis than anything you’ve ever seen.

€10,800 for a private carriage –Ha! or €455 for a sleeper – no choice there then. gsr.com.au

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