Accommodation in Menorca

Accommodation Menorca

Menorca is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea that belongs to the country of Spain. Located among the Balearic Islands, this place has become a top travel destination in Europe because of its storied history, beautiful beaches and fascinating local culture. With marvelous stone monuments, colonial architecture and traditional summer fiestas, it is no wonder that this place attracts tons of visitors year after year.

For those going on vacation here, you will need to know about accommodation options in Menorca. There are many different types of accommodation in Menorca, and rental and buy prices vary according to time, location and size of the place.

If you fly to Menorca, check out the deals for flight and hotel packages first. Sometimes you can save money on lodging by booking your hotel with your flight. Expedia, Kayak and Web Jet are all worth a look.

Surf these three places to look for accommodation in Menorca.

Accommodation In Menorca: This website real estate agency offers short to long term rentals as well as the option to buy property in Menorca. Villas, hotels and apartments can all be found through this company. The website regularly list special deals. For example, a stay at a two bedroom El Rio apartment for one week only cost €28.50 a night if booked for sometime in the month of September, 2011; the apartment is 50 meters from the beach. Visit the website for more details. (accommodationinmenorca.com)

Owner's Direct: This UK online real estate site has plenty of listings for accommodation in Menorca. Prices of various places range, but sometimes the best deals can be as low as €28 a night for a standard hotel room. If you are on a budget, this is a good place to look. Keep in mind that the earlier you book the cheaper accommodation will typically be; moreover, the longer you book, the cheaper per night a room will typically be.  (ownersdirect.co.uk/balearic-islands-menorca-2bed.htm)



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