Finding accommodation in France and Paris

Accommodation France Paris

Finding accommodation in France and specifically Paris can be a minefield, as there are so many different hotels and apartments at so many different prices. But there are several websites that make sifting through your options a lot easier.

One of these sites is all-paris-apartments.com. It lists hundreds of hotels and apartments in Paris, highlighting the top areas to stay, lists each hotels star rating, and allows customers to post reviews. This allows you to easily work out which region of Paris you want to stay in and make sure that the hotel is up to scratch. Another useful feature of the site is the ability to add hotels and apartments to a shortlist, so you can easily keep track of which ones you're interested in, and then compare them when you're ready. They also have a lowest price guarantee, so whether you book a humble two star bed and breakfast or a luxurious five star suite you know that you'll be getting a great deal.

Parisby.com is a similar website, listing hotels and apartments throughout Paris and allowing you to filter them by region, star rating and availability of dates and rooms. Where it differs from all-paris-apartments.com is that it also offers a substantial amount of tourist information, detailing museums, theatres, restaurants and many other sights and activities in Paris, as well as useful information on public transport, car rentals, weather forecasts and many other things. Finally it offers maps of France, and when you search for an area on the map it will also list nearby accommodation.

While all-paris-apartments.com is a great resource for finding accommodation, Parisby.com does so much more, providing a one stop source of information for travellers. But whichever site you use, you'll find it easy to locate and book good accommodation.

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