Cheap hotel accommodation in England especially in Manchester

Cheap hotel accommodation in Northern England or Manchester.

A quick Google search will reveal a lot of hotels in Manchester and the prices range depending on what you are looking for and whether you want to stay in the city or prefer to stay on the outskirts. The outskirts is usually the cheaper option.

Searching for a hotel can be done in a few ways, you can search for specific hotels or use websites such as Laterooms or ebookers to try and pick up last minute rooms cheaper then they might of been otherwise.

Direct accommodation in england and manchester

Searching for hotels directly in Manchester will show you what is available, but it might mean that deals are missed.

Although it is possible to search and compare hotels, by doing this it is possible that you will miss something, or overlook a hotel that is better value, than the one you ultimately end up staying at.

The best room I found during my search is the Stay Inn, rooms started from £22 and the most expensive room was £102, both of these are high quality hotels but obviously the more expensive room does have added features such as a Playstation and a workspace.

Compare sites.

Sites such as Laterooms and ebookers specialise in offering rooms in hotels that have not been booked, and are available at short notice. This is useful for people who are looking for for rooms with short notice, or those who choose to leave booking till late in the day, in order to get the best deals.

Ebooker has rooms starting at £24 per person and they go up in price to £63. The site allows for users to pick the hotel and explore the amenties to make sure that they are getting what they want. By listing all of the hotels together like this it allows for users to get a good overview of the hotels on offer and compare them.

Lateroom has more expensive rooms, but it allows users to refine the search to best discounts or best reviews, so users can try and get the best deal that way, if they don't mind spending a little bit more on the room.

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