Aberdeen to Manchester flights here!

Aberdeen to Manchester flights are easy to come by online. There are lots of airlines providing flights on this route. Finding them for cheap can be a different matter altogether. Let's see what's on offer.

BMI: The BMI is generally a great way to get localised UK flights. We hit up their website (http://booktrip.flybmi.com) to see what kind of deals were up for grabs.

We searched for a single trip for one person to Manchester, no return flight included for the 19th of July. They are offering a seat on an economy flight for £159.99. BMI are a trusted flight provider so be sure to check them out and see what they can do for you.

While this is a good price you can definitely get to Manchester cheaper. With a little more searching and a bit of patience we managed to half the ticket cost.

FlyBe: The FlyBe website is one of the UK's favourite flight websites and for good reason, they're super cheap! They have lots of fantastic deals on flights and the Aberdeen/Manchester route is no exception.

We managed to find a roundtrip flight (return included) for only £69.99 on the 19th of July. This is a truly phenomenal price for a ticket that goes both ways. Hit up the website and see for yourself. It is a very easy to use website that has lots of really great features such as booking your hotel and car hire.

There you have it, two different offerings on your Aberdeen to Manchester flights. See which suits you by checking out their websites online and doing a search of your own. It takes no time at all to get a result!


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