Holiday in Norway this winter with Aberdeen Scotland (ABZ) to Bergen flights

The Norwegian coastline is spectacular and the countryside is perfect for winter sports like cross-country skiing. With Aberdeen Scotland (ABZ) to Bergen flights you can enjoy a winter holiday away from the crowded pistes of the European slopes.

Wideroe (www.wideroe.no) offers direct flights to Bergen from Aberdeen, with a flight time of one hour and 15 minutes. Tickets on the website are priced in euros with typical fares starting around €80  for the outward jouney and €90 for the flight back from Bergen. A rough guideline suggests a return fare of around £155, although careful juggling of dates could come up with a cheaper ticket.

Eastern Airways (www.easternairways.com) offers direct flights from Aberdeen to Bergen, from £96 each way including taxes, so a return comes in at less than £200. Eastern pride themselves on offering a flight experience in strong contrast to the basic level of the budget airlines, with express check-in and an inflight service.

Bergen is Norway’s second largest city, and, as your flight approaches the airport, you'll notice its picturesque location, between the world’s longest fjord, Sognefjord, and the very beautiful Hardangerfjord.

The old town of Bergen has UNESCO world heritage status. Start your exploration in the harbourside street of Bryggen, once a maritime merchant area. Now the 18th-century clapboard shops and houses are used for upmarket boutiques and restaurants, with warrens of artists' workshops just behind.

For a spectacular excursion, head inland on the railway to Myrdal to connect with the line running up steeply from Flåm. The journey is only 20 kilometres  but the views over mountainsides, waterfalls, and the icy-blue Aurlandsfjord make it one of Europe's most memorable rail journeys.

Once word get around about Bergen's beauty, those Aberdeen Scotland (ABZ) to Norway flights will start to fill up fast. Book now and stay ahead of the throngs.

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