A world of souvenirs

Souvenirs are like little memory banks; they are tiny pieces of the places travellers have visited. Here’s a list of souvenirs that are sure to evoke fond memories of the places they came from.

      Tribal pieces from Africa.
    Various crafts from baskets to musical instruments embody African tribal culture. Bushman crafts from Botswana, Zulu beadwork and baskets, African chess sets, African-themed games from South Africa, and Shona musical instruments (Mbira, Drums and Hosho) from Zimbabwe are all rich in the spirit of Africa.

      Treasures from Asia.
    China, Japan and Thailand produce some of the finest silks in the world, hand-woven in different colors and patterns. Take home a delicate Chinese robe, a colorful Japanese kimono or luxurious Thai pants. Or buy wall hangings, paper fans and lanterns from China. Japanese Daruma and Kokeshi dolls are adorable house fixtures as well. Thailand offers a wide array of exquisite furniture.

      Trinkets from Europe.
Russian nesting dolls have become so popular that many amusing variations are now available -- sports teams, Disney characters and famous personalities are among the variants. This is the most popular national souvenir and is a must-have for anyone visiting Russia. Lacquered boxes, or Pavlovo, and woolen shawls are also popular memorabilia. Germany’s Oktoberfest is a Bavarian custom that has tourists taking home big, beautiful beer mugs, Edelweiss suspenders, and Bavarian bells. Or consider taking home a cuckoo clock.

Spain’s bullfights have men dreaming of becoming brave matadors. But since that’s not always possible, the next best thing for visitors is to have their names printed on bullfight posters to take home to friends and family. Another must-have for the men are Botas or leather wine containers. For the women, the abanico, the ornate Spanish fan, and flamenco dolls are popular symbols for the passionate Latin dance.

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