A Wild Adventure in Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Nestled in Farley Hill in St. Peter is the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, tropical haven for plants and animals, amongst which some are endagered. Set up by Canadian Primatologist Jean Balulu, the wildlife reserve is now a popular Barbados tourist attraction and a prime destination on your Barbados holiday.

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Enter the gates of the reserve, and you’ll marvel at the sight of the Barbados green monkeys, the wildlife’s main attraction, and other animals roaming freely and going about their normal lives in their natural habitat. Originally from Senegal and Gambia in West Africa, you’ll see these monkeys sleeping in their mahogany treetop beds, playing in the nearby Grenade Hall, or lazing about in the forest. Don’t miss their feeding time, the perfect opportunity to watch and take pictures of the only primates on the island.

Stroll through the aviary, home to more than 400 tropical birds, including the peach-faced lovebird, the orange-winged amazons, and the moustached parakeet. The flamingos, brown pelicans, and India blue peacocks add a delightful explosion of colours.

If you’re a reptile lover, head on over to the iguana sanctuary and watch the Cuban iguanas. The reserve is also home to over ten different reptile species, including the reticulated python, tiger rat snakes, and spectacled caimans. There are terrapins and red-footed tortoises, too. Several mammals live harmoniously among the reptiles -- the red brocket deer, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

For a change of scenery during your tour, you can always check out the adjacent Grenade Hall Forest and discover a multitude of plants, which bear signs of their origin and medicinal properties. When hunger strikes, proceed to the snack bar for paninis and hotdogs while you admire tropical fish in their built-in saltwater aquarium.

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