A weekend in Berlin or a Handbag? You choose

You could dash out the door now and go shopping in what’s left of the sales and grab, say, some plonker of a designer’s bag for the knock down price of 300 quid. Or, you could go to Berlin for the weekend.

With a carefully rehearsed sentence – and €18.50 – you can buy a Berlin WelcomeCard, for 48 hours’ unlimited travel on public transport and discounts on attractions. Jump off at the Hauptbahnhof, and strike all the usual spots off your list; Reichstag; the spot where the wall used to be – that’s always a crowd pleaser, and Checkpoint Charlie. But the utterly fascinating, and bizarre DDR Museum, which is almost impossible to find will only be filled with Germans. You can find out about life behind the Iron Curtain, and the communist regime’s interference in everything from potty training to housing.

You may notice a gathering of men around one particular section, it’s the holiday section, where a video on nudity is shown. Discontent with having to put up with the bracing breezes of Baltic beaches instead of the Mediterranean climes that their West German counterparts had the freedom to choose, East Germans used nudity as a sign of revolution rather than of sexual liberation - frozen male body parts being the best in the way of sexual liberation at the time.

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