A wee cottage in Ireland

There really is no better way to get the authentic Irish experience than with an Irish cottage. They are a fantastic way to stay in the countryside and still have that great homely feel. Most of the cottages still have thatched roofs and white walls staying true to the original styling. Large open fireplaces, cosy bedrooms and a little kitchen really bring a touch of authenticity to these wonderful cottages. So where should you start your search? Well check out the donegalthatchedcottages website and let's see what's on offer.

As you have probably gathered by the name these cottages are in Donegal. We picked this website because they have the real deal. The cottages are also located with spectacular views of the cost and the cliffs surrounding. As for things to do, Donegal has lots of family activities in the area, there are also many traditional pubs and shops. One downfall is the website is a little dated. There is no click and credit card system here, however you can email or call them if you need to book anything, and they are great help.

Check out this great website and see the real Ireland this year.

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