A Visit to the Sydney Fish Market

The many bays, rivers, and creeks that course through the “Harbour City” give Sydney the second largest variety of seafood in the world. This makes the Sydney Fish Market in Blackwattle Bay one of the most surprising and interesting stops on your Sydney holiday.

Visit the market, and be overwhelmed by the 50 tonnes of fish, crustaceans, shellfish, and other goodies that are hauled here each weekday from the waters of Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific. That’s more than 100 species, including baby octopuses, Blue Mussels, Green Banana Prawns, Tiger Flatheads (a reddish-brown, low-lying fish), and Barramundi (one of the finest and most expensive freshwater fish in the country). Tuna, salmon, and crabs are also available here.

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Witness the art of oyster shucking, as well as the auction and buying system, and learn all about sashimi. Enter the Sydney Seafood School and watch some of Australia’s best chefs dish up everything from shrimp to sea-snails, with cuisines ranging from Thai to Spanish. Then don an apron, join other guests, and try your hand at cooking. The demonstrator and his assistants will keep close watch as you recreate what they just demonstrated. End your visit here by sampling your own creation, along with some complimentary wine tasting.

Schedule your Sydney holiday by staying during the celebrations at the Sydney Fish Market. The Chinese Autumn Moon Festival brings lion dances to Blackwattle Bay, while the Good Food Month of October features free cooking demonstrations.

Try Doyles at the Fish Market, with selections like oysters topped with avocado, prawn, béchamel sauce, and cheese; grilled snapper fillets served with mango salsa; and for the kids, calamari and chips.

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